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CONSULATION: Quality Shutters Plus always provides a free consultation, which is set up in conjunction with the schedule of the potential clients. As such, after hours and weekend consultations are available. During this meeting our Quality Shutters Plus representative and the potential clients discuss which areas of the home or business are in need of service. If the clients know the desired look for the space, Quality Shutters Plus will do everything to meet the goal of the rooms; however, if the clients are unsure of the desired effect the Quality Shutters representative will suggest which type of style the clients may want to use in the rooms.

MEASURMENT: All shutters and sunbursts are 100% custom made within our manufacturing facility. Quality Shutters Plus, Inc. designs and builds shutters to fit any type of shape or opening. We provide professional assistance in obtaining the proper measurements of your windows or doors. Accurate measurements are essential for a proper installation. With measurements in hand Quality Shutters Plus, Inc. custom manufactures your shutters with quality craftsmanship.

CONSTRUCTION: Custom plantation shutters give a beautiful, elegant and classic appearance to any window or door for hotels, homes, and offices. Shutters make a statement in interior design like no other window treatment.

CREATING SHUTTERS: Cut each piece of wood to the exact lenght, sand out all of the imperfections, hand assemble all of the pieces, prime the assembly, sand out all imperfections due to the primer coating, prep for paint, paint, dry and deliver the finished product to our customers.

CREATING STAINED SHUTTERS: Select the wood, cut each piece to exact dimensions, sand out all of the imperfections, stain, dry, sand out coat imperfections due to cating, assemble, apply a clear coat, let dry, sand the imperfections due to cating, apply the final finish, let dry and deliver the product to our customer.

Destressed shutters De-Stressed and Exterior Shutters are also available.

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