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Quality Shutters Plus, Inc. provides superior indoor plantation shutters to residential and commercial customers. Plantation Shutters can add instant appeal to any home or office no matter how contemporary or traditional. This window covering offer a fair amount of insulation to block the heat of the summer and the cool of the winter. The shutters we offer are like furniture for your windows. Each piece is custom made for you and you have the ability to select any color available at your local paint store or we will custom match a sample you provide.

All our Plantation Shutters are made from Yellow Polar, a medium-hard wood. However, the customer can make a special request to use Mahogany, Cherry or any other specialty wood. Each shutter is engineered to last for a lifetime. Along with an elegant product, our service is of equal quality. We aim to please the most discriminating customers who value quality, service and fine craftsmanship.

Sunburst shutter
Sunburst: A beautiful sunray effect, customized to fit any arch top or square windows.

Bi-pass: On a door leading outside or a closet door this design can cover or accentuate any opening.

Bi-pass on left, bi-fold on right
Bifold shutters
Bi-fold: Replace room dividers between a kitchen and living room.
Arch: Straight shutter panels top to bottom or just to base of arch
Arch shutters
One example of a custom shutter
Special-shaped windows : Not all windows are the basic square or rectangle when this happens we are capable for creating shutters for circles, pentagons or any other shape a customer may have in the home or office.